Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Its been a hell of a trip experiencing evrey damn feeling available on this planet...seriously its been a wonderful one for many of us...and also a disaster for some.

The other day somebody asked me how was ur industrial tour... i was laughing inside ..industrial tour mah foot..din even get into the outskirts of any fkin industry hehe...lolz...tats the way we are...sprintian batch 07...i don want to mention anymore about our class .it ll be one hell of a controversy later if i do..anyway tats not wat i wanna tell here ..the tour started on a very beautiful day...smiling faces..full of expectations for a superb 13 days ahead of us.before describing about wat happened and al the details inside the trip i wud lyk to tell everybody reading this tat some parts may be fictitious ..out of mah imagination and any characters resembling anybody are of pure coincidence and if anybody gets hurt by anything i tell here....i don give a damnnnn[:P]

lemme start it from jan 5th 2010 ..all wer busy packing..getting lectured at their houses about wat not to do and wat to do....asking fro extra pocket money with their smiling and pleading faces..some did succeed (and i am one of em[/)] ) ha ha and some din..there wer calls all around..are u bringing tis ..are u bring tat ..don forget tat thing blah blah blah.....there was so much excitement all around...in the midst of all tis i was relaxed..y?? hehe cozz i did all the packing a week earlier [:D]....but still i was getting the "to do and not to do s" from mom.....hehe i really tried to follow all thos..but in vain...[:P] .the night before nobody wer sleeping...all wer dreaming abt the golden days ahead of them..then they d day arrived....the next parts consist of alll the inside things and wat all happened in the trip ill write it day by day .......so pls wait for the excursion to start ....

6th jan 2010

"MAh gosh its already late" tat was first reaction tat day morning wen i saw my mob lying beside which was ringing its 5th alarm tat day[:d]...i quickly got up and went on wid the daily schedule which v cant skip[:P].....i shouted "mom wer is my brush" ... " mummy toothpaste kannanilla(mummy i cant find tooth paste)"........"mummy dress iron cheydo(mummy did u iron mah dress)...."mummy socks kannanilla(mummy i cant find my socks)"....the list goes on if i keep writing..hehe.....wat wud i do widout u mummy.....luv ya mom........
Atlast i was ready wid the suitcase wid dad alongside me and climbed the bus to the station....and got to the station within half an hour ....the bus was pretty fast in the morning....after reachin the station it was lyk so calm...i thot may be i was the first to make it...and called aditya to check he has come... but nope tat ass was still at his house waiting for us to reach first...and about srinu i had no expectation tat he wud reach the station before me he was standard late comer ..always make it in the last minute ....and then ayaps (ayyapa the ex cr of our class is one of the very few handsome boys in our class wid six packs[:p]).....he said he was already in the station..near the station masters room....so me and dad went near them..there v met ayaps ,bachi and pappu....i cud see the excitement in their eyes...everybody had one luggage atmost 2...but ayaps had tis ..1,2,3,4,5...oops i don rememba the count actually[:D]..it was too much too count hehe.(m sure h'll kill me now afta seein tis[:P]).....then one by one evrybody came...aditya ,srinu ,uday,....so on. v wer all excitedly talkin to each other about wat all we wer goin to do and so on...in the meanwhile v noticed tat icha(surendra aka goutham aka ichapuram))
was not there anywer v called him he said he was on the way... but the train had already arrived
it was jus a matter of mins before v wer goin to take off...all the parents wer giving the last min advices ...the typical dos and dons and all wer nodding in agreement and me too did the same( don ask me if i followed it or not hehe[:d])....

The time for the departure cam near and here comes icha runnin at the last min wid his dad and mom on either side( he got this really big list of dos and donts in a very few mins[:P]) . The train was movin ...v all got in ...i waved to my dad... v all wer settling down it took about an hour for everybody to get into their places and then started the best train journey i evr had....
                                                                In the train evrybody were fighting for places then ayps(see above passage for description)came and solved the matter in a giffy..i strongly feel he had used the seat filling algorithm we wer discussin the other day but thats him ayps the great does simple things with great complexity that he himself wonders how he had did it..hehe:P...(no offense dude let the world noe about ur greatness and am proud to be ur friend lemme tell the world wat material ur made off :P) ...am not sure if ill be alive after he sees this blog..so people reading this jus pray for me tat i REST IN PEACE [:D]..now  as the fight for the seats wer settled thanks to ayps again....the boys then opened the pack of cards and started playing as i din noe how to play i was jus tryin to learn this complicated game tryin to make out how things work.( i learnt tat there r basically 4 symbols which r on it heart ,spade ,diamond and tree...am such a great interpreter ..it took jus 5 mins and 55 secs to crack it) so as i was telling i was very keenly observing with my eyes wide open but in vain.....i gave up after a while ..jus as i was sitting idle thinkin wat to do i saw this book "marked" in hands of hanisha...i very kindly asked miss hanisha tat if i can borrow the book...she very kindly gave me the book (well m sure she wud hav kicked the hell outta me if had lost it :D) so i was very careful ...tried to read the book sittin on the upper birth which is my fav place in the train wer nobody disturbs u after readin the first few pages i jus cudnt rememba who i was hehe.....yea man it was such a borin one tat i marked the "marked" as unreadable and closed the book and returned it very sooon.
                                                                                     On the other side the card game was goin on seriously i again tried to conc and realized tat people get eliminated after each round(tat took js 2 mins 35 sec for me to reach the conclusion..awesome aint i) after tat i was jus sitting and talkin to srinu on the side berth lookin thru the window wer i cud see the green pastures evrywer and whoaa i did see a cow and i saw a dog and i saw a boy runnin with a tyre and i saw this girl ********** ...but does any of tis matter.. no kada..so lets come into the train and not out of the window....so yea wer was i...was talkin to srinu and suddenly i heard this "UNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" i turned my head in approx 58 degrees from wer the shout came ,,it was priyanka with some sort of strange cards in her hands with UNO written on the back side of it ..i thot "oh my god not another card game" hehe....but anyway lets try it....she tried to explain the rules...it was tuff to understand at the beginin i had this feelin...holly molly this is evn tuffer...then after seein a demo play i did get the nick of it ....in fact it was quite easy ...slowly more people became intrested ans joined us in the game and whole cabin was full of people with UNo cards in their hands waitin for their turn to play and preparin strategies in their mind.
                                                   We played quite a many rounds ...time jus flew off ...afta wat seemed like quite a time v thot og takin a break...so everybody returned to thier seats and wen i came to cabin wer they wer playin cards i was jsu dumbstruck ...pappu mama( super stylish.. funky with this near to  awesome hair style ) and apple(well he is jus a dumbo) ...they both were deeply immersed in the game which was started ages ago...it seems tat after evrybody got eliminated they wer the only ones left and wer goin on for quite sometime to achieve the top spot,,,the seriousness of it looked like a viswanathan  anand and gary kasprov fight on chessboard...for the number one rank......hehe...the whole afternoon v had a great tym.....as it turned dawn it was even more exciting...the remaining for next time..tell then keep waitin guyss....VJ ROMEO